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Piccadilly Mortgages is an impartial mortgage consulting company and we deal with The leading Lenders in the Irish Mortgage Market: BOI, PTSB, Haven Mortgages (AIB Group), Finance Ireland, Onate, Capital Flow, Dilosk, Avant, Spry Finance & ICS Mortgages.

We bring over 20 years’ financial services and mortgage experience to you. The founder of the company, Tracy O’Sullivan, has over 20 years’ experience working specifically in mortgages and in banking. Tracy has worked with all the leading lenders in the Irish Mortgage Market and understands immediately from talking with you what way to present your application and which lender/lenders would be the most suitable. The presentation of your application is key to best obtaining your mortgage expectations. Each lender works differently which means that one lender may not come close to meeting your expectations whereas another lender could, there is a bank for everyone.

We have supported clients from all industry sectors and from these countries XX in order to obtain a mortgage in Ireland.

Regarding the house hunting process itself, Tracy has experience working alongside one of Ireland’s leading estate agents which helps Tracy to be able to shed light on the full house hunting and buying life-cycle. The mortgage is one part of the process, however there are many other parts of the process. Not everyone is familiar with all aspects of the process, therefore we can offer guidance here where we are authorised to do so.


Why talk to one bank when you can talk to all the banks with Piccadilly Mortgages?