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GNIB Mortgage

Can I get a mortgage on a GNIB VISA?

Yes, the banks will support you. We specialise in this area. The banks that we work with, support your income if you are on Stamp 1, Stamp 1G, Stamp 4 and Stamp 5.

There can be some deposit restrictions with some banks depending on how long you are in Ireland, however it is possible to obtain a mortgage in Ireland under the normal Irish lending rules.

You are also allowed to obtain a gift from overseas, although the banks will always assess any gifts depending on the amount of the gift, from what country the gift is from and how the giftor is related to you.

Not Permanent + Casual Workers

The first preference for the banks is that you are in permanent full-time work, however the jobs market is made up of many different types of job roles. The flexibility of non-permanent workers is a key requirement in certain industries. Some banks understand this more than others and can offer a mortgage to you. Although, the banks generally want to see what you have earned in your role over a period of time, at least 12 months. We work closely with these banks and have secured mortgages for people on casual and non-permanent contracts and where they may also hold a GNIB Visa.